Human Flesh -The Cure for What Ails You

Feeling a little under the weather? I’ve got just the thing. I’m currently writing four books in a series with very tight deadlines so I have not had time to post on my blog. However, I had to take a minute out to share this. The current book I’m writing is about grave robberies. In my research, I stumbled across this tasty tidbit (pun intended).

For hundreds of years, Europeans consumed medicines that included human bones, blood, and fat for ailments that ranged from gout to epilepsy. Have you got a stomach ache? Crumble a little mummy into your tincture. Is apoplexy bothering you? Mix powdered human skull with a little chocolate. Has your gout flared up again? Rub some human fat on your skin and it will clear right up. And there’s more. So much more. But I save those gory details for another day. I have a slight headache and need to go mix up a little blood marmalade.

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