American Revolution: Experience The Battle For Independence

The American Revolution is the story of an underdog nation. Determined to be free from the unfair tax laws of the British, American colonists relied on their cunning, their commitment, and their visionary leadership to win what appeared to be an impossible victory against the British Empire.

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About the Book

In American Revolution: Experience the Battle for Independence, readers aged 9 to 12 learn how rebel soldiers fought in horrific conditions for the sake of freedom while their families back home faced hunger, disease, and enemy attacks. Students become amateur historians as they dig into the past.

Hands-on projects include designing a political bumper sticker, building a battlefield diorama, calibrating the aim of a marshmallow cannon and more. These activities engage readers’ creative and problem-solving skills, and essential questions posed throughout the book require students to use critical thinking skills to interpret one of the most important events in American history.

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Series: Build It Yourself
Genres: History, Nonfiction
Tags: Activity books, American History
Publisher: Nomad Press
Publication Year: 2015
ASIN: 1619302462
ISBN: 9781619302464
“Cartoon illustrations and 25 activities (such as preparing “firecake,” the simple bread that soldiers ate on the battlefield) create a lively learning experience…”
– Publishers Weekly
“Featuring a lively page design, this volume asks readers a series of questions to prompt them to consider the American Revolution. . . Each chapter begins with an essential question that urges students to think and then to examine the data presented in order to craft a thesis statement and response. Along with the standard textual information, pages are filled with sidebars, vocabulary words, and definitions, and QR codes that provide access to primary sources. VERDICT A useful resource.”
– School Library Journal
“. . . Readers will encounter of a combination of learning tools that help shed light on the watershed events that embodied the American Revolution in this insightful book. Author Judy Dodge Cummings anchors her storytelling with a well-written and sprightly narrative, including in sidebar tales of important people, battles, and happenings that shaped the war s outcome. Her work is peppered with reflective questions and activities that call upon students to look below the surface of events in order to analyze them. Also included are a series of learning activities that students can do that amplify the time period in question. These activities are fun and include such things as building a mock fort, creating disappearing ink, making a soldier s bread ration, and otherwise recreating aspects of Colonial life. This approach should appeal to readers and helps make this a fun book filled with multiple approaches to learning.”
– Children's Literature
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