Hands-On History Presentations for Educators, Librarians, and Homeschooling Parents.

I offer flexible, interactive presentations based on historical themes.

After one of my visits, students will have a deeper understanding of the role of ordinary people at key moments in American history; and students will practice historical thinking skills as they draw meaning from primary and secondary sources to support their conclusions.

Most importantly, students will walk away from my presentations knowing that reading, writing and researching history is exciting and fun!


Judy Cummings at presentation

Here I am demonstrating the colonial cure for the common cold—orange rinds shoved up the nostril!

The Life of Yankee Doodle

Grades 4-8

In The Life of Yankee Doodle, I use my time traveler’s toolkit to give students the experience of being a soldier in the Continental Army in 1778. Narratives, music, and role play let students explore the challenges that insufficient supplies, difficult training, and inadequate medical care posed for these soldiers as they battled for American independence.


“My students were very engaged and really enjoyed the presentation. They loved being involved and being able to participate. They enjoyed seeing some of the artifacts and acting things out.” –4th grade teacher, Westside Elementary, Mauston, WI


Myth versus History: Will the Real Paul Revere Please Stand Up?

Grades 5-8

I guide students through the steps researchers take to determine the historical truth behind one of America’s most famous revolutionary heroes. We start with the Paul Revere who was made famous by the poem of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, and then we use primary and secondary sources to put some flesh on this man of legend.

The presentation ends with a dramatic reader’s theater where students discover that the midnight ride of Paul Revere was actually a group effort.

Judy in hand-on history presentation

I’m explaining the difference between a primary source and a secondary source.


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